Plaid shirt=Plaid dress


The weather has been quite, hmm what's the word, STUPID lately. One day it's like extremely hot and the next it's freakin raining. So I check the weather the night before so that I can dress accordingly. Lame, I know. So I wanted to wear a dress today, but unfortunately none of the dresses in my closet seemed appealing enough to wear. You know when you've worn a certain piece (well with the exception of a few greatly cherished pieces) so many times it's like "Uh I don't want to wear that anymore"? So then, me and my crazy self decided I should wear a plaid shirt as a dress. But then I looked in the mirror and I looked like a refrigerator. That's when I added my favorite belt to cinch the waist. I was actually quite pleased with the outcome of my creative styling! 

plaid shirt- vint
belt- zara
tights- target
shoes- louboutins