Man pants


I had been longing for men's jeans for quite some time but I could never find a pair that I was truly delighted with. So when I found these levi 501's, my heart melted a little. So this morning I pulled them out of the drawer and decided to pair them with a vintage cheetah print top and a classic black blazer. Some of you have asked me how I put together my looks everyday. Well, truth is I don't really have a particular routine when it comes to putting together my daily ensembles. Some days I may recall that I have a red top hidden somewhere in my closet so I'll pull it out and begin to play around with it. Other days I'll simply rely on my favorite items to throw together a casual look. It really depends on my mood and such. Anyways, forgive me for talking so much!

jeans- levi 501s
top- vint
blazer- vint
belt- vint
shoes- aldo