It's Raining Shoes

There are certain things in life I tend to obsess over. One being, the obvious, yes, SHOES. If I were a multi-millionaire I'd probably spend my free time making regular trips to Saks (because they have an absurd amount of sexy heels that I would die for) or perhaps I'd just start my own shoe line which would consist of six inch stilettos and lusty platforms.
In the past few months I was deprived of my lovely shoe collection due to having surgery on my knee. It was hell considering I have only a few pairs of flat shoes and I'm 5'5 and that clearly qualifies as shortness in my book. Anyways, I  am now back into the swing of things and I'm ready to conquer the world in my tallest, most enticing shoes I own. Get ready world.

PS. Did you know the Greek were the first to rock the platform heels? They were called the cothruni and were worn in order to look "larger than life" in grecian plays.